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Grab a hot cup of tea or your favorite beverage and explore the ways adding spices to your meals amps up your bodies ability to heal itself.

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About Us

Scott loves to cook. And we love to entertain! Having people in our home has provided us with countless memories of shared life. We learn so much about people form many places around the world through time shared around a meal.

Our goal is to equip you to have the same experiences in your own home. To invite others to a shared meal and find a whole new level of understanding about things.

It's the best gift!

So we created the Awaken Joy Spice Company. A place to sell our blends AND invite you into an experience: The Spice Club!

Whether you buy some blends and share them with friends or join our online community in the Spice Club, we are grateful you are here!


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Awaken Joy Spice Club

A monthly subscription that delivers 4-6 new recipes for TWO each month along with enough spices to make those recipes twice!

Cookbooks by Scott

The first cookbook to be published by Scott is a work of the heart! A Father's Hug from the Kitchen is a book of recipes to feed those who gather with you.

Handcrafted, custom Spice Blends

Formulated by Scott and Amy, each spice blend is intentionally crafted with a variety of spices to aid your digestive health.

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How does Scott do it? This Caribbean chicken is the best thing I have ever tasted!

Jesseca K.

Oh my gosh, the Harvest Tortellini Soup is bowl-licking good!

Mary E.


What can I expect from Awaken Joy Spice Club?

Awaken Joy Spice Club is designed for households cooking for two. You will receive 4-6 recipes each month, along with enough spices to make those recipes (twice). No excess! You will also receive a shopping list and access to videos of Scott making the recipes of the month. Enjoy new flavor combinations and spice blends only delivered to our Spice Club members! Bold, adventurous blends of seeds toasted by Scott and ground fresh delivering flavor you will want!

Do I have to pay monthly?

You have the option to pay monthly, prepay for 6 months or prepay an entire year (and enjoy a little discount).

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping is conveniently included in your subscription price.


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